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Rosehip & Orange Peel Body and Hair Oil

Product Description

A lightly scented natural oil, cold-pressed from organic rosehips and orange peel, with essential oils and a touch of amber.

Rosehips are well known for their anti-aging and regeneration benefits, particularly for dry, parched, or mature skin, and their high concentration of vitamins A, C, and E also help to rejuvenate your hair and keep the frizz under control.

This quality oil absorbs into the skin with ease and without leaving the skin greasy or clogging pores. Natural wax from the orange peel forms a protective barrier on both the skin and hair follicles, locking in moisture and providing a healthy glow, just like it does for the fruit.

Suitable for all skin types.


 100% Natural

 Vegan Friendly

 Palm Free

 SLS Free

 Paraben Free

contains Sweet Almond Oil 

Rosehip & Orange Peel Body and Hair Oil

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